Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion is becoming more and more prominent and important to the consumers. To the extent where that some costumers may stop shopping at a brand due to their unethical values. Fast fashion is seen as an example where unethical fashion is practiced and it is constantly being scrutinised for this. Fast fashion is the quick turn around of collections and accessories that are made and sold cheaply that will go out of fashion within months of it being made. By doing this, brands encourage consumers to come back and binge buy for the sake of having the latest fashion. But some people would ask at what cost? In 2013, YouGov found that 74% of shoppers would happily pay 5% extra if it ensured that workers were paid fairly and working in safe conditions. This is a huge percentage but if this is the case then why are the likes of ‘Primark’ still doing so well. Even if these clothes are recycled into charity shops, the quality of the clothes are very low and are unlikely to be sold anyway, resulting in the clothes going to waste.

Safia Minney is the founder and CEO of people tree and has the idea that we need to look at what ethical fashion and what is isn’t rather than what it is. Looking at the immediate benefits it creates and by buying it, what your not supporting.

Ethics is another important factor. Child labour and unfair working conditions are an ongoing battle with major brands that adopt the just in time production method.

Overall ethical fashion isn’t seen as something unfashionable anymore. It’s becoming more popular and valued for consumers buying clothes. Soon brands are going to have to rethink who they angle themselves towards as the divide between ethical and unethical fashion becomes more prominent.


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