Digital Fashion Portfolio Pages

digi fashion 3 digi fashion Lectra 1 lectra 2 digi 6

These pages are for my digital fashion project. I’m happy with these pages because I thought this project was some of my more stronger work and it gave me the opportunity to show my Lectra work. I haven’t included the black lines on these pages as I wanted them to have a softer approach. I used the blue ribbon that was on my design manual that was handed in. This links in and supports my tiffany brand. Although this is not really needed in my portfolio it brings suitable linking through the pages. The layout of the Lectra is staggered and this sits well when the pages are put together. I need to add writing to the final page and add the printed t’shirts on a final page. I think b adding a explanation on each page it allows the reader to understand the work better. I try to keep the writing short so it does distract too much attention away from the work. Now these pages are done i can move onto my white t’shirt pages.


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