Creative Realisation Portfolio Pages

Portfolio Creative Realisation second page third page Creative realisation 5

These are my creative realisation pages for my portfolio. I found it difficult to put these pages together because this was the first project i did this year and I don’t feel that the work is as strong as I’d want it to be. But i pulled the best work from this project and put it together. I’ve still got one more page to do but it’s just going to be of my final line up from this unit. I liked the use of the black lines on the pages as it gives them a bit extra and breaks the pages up a bit. However I don’t think i’ll use it on all of my portfolio pages as some pages may have more work on them than others. Looking at other portfolio pages through my Pinterest was useful because it helped me understand the importance of layout and the use of negative space. I need to remember these things while designing my other portfolio pages. Following this I am now going to put together my Creative Drawing and Application pages. I’ll only put 4 pages together for this as i feel less work from this is portfolio worthy and this was what was guided by Esther.


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