Creative Drawing and Application Portfolio Pages

Creative drawing.psd 2 creative drawing 2 creative drawing 3 creative drawing 4

These pages are my Creative Drawing and Application work. I really like these pages and i feel these are much stronger than the pages I created for Creative Realisation. I don’t know if this is because the work is stronger or the layout is. I really like the roughness of the drawing work added with small subtle pictures. I thought I was going to include a lot more of my magazine into my portfolio but i’ve actually only added one page. I think this works and i’ve chosen the work that best represents this project. The first two pages were created using my collage pages from my youth project combined with the silhouettes i created for designing in the future. Both have a rough feel to them but again with the boldness of the black lines surrounding the edges I think it really works and the use of negative space has really worked as well. I was a bit worried about adding some of my first drawings to my portfolio pages but looking at it now i think they’ve really worked and continues to tie in the pages so that the all interlink. Overall i’m really happy with these pages and hope my next portfolio pages (the white t’shirt) work just as well.


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