Covering Letter

Dear Sir/Madam

I saw the advert on the drapers website for a junior garement technologist and this role is exactly what I have been looking to get a job in when i graduate from

university; giving me the opportunity to be a part of the construction side of fashion, and work with a experienced team from which I can gain my own experience and knowledge from.

Fashion has always been an interest for me, imparticular in the garement construction side. This is evident through my work, having the opportunity to construct men’s, women’s and children’s wear. This has given me a good understanding of proportion for all areas where I have then produced final pieces that trancend from 2D to 3D with amazing results.

I am a hard working ethusiastic person who thrives in a fast pace environment and deals well being under pressure. Through my personal interests and my degree I have regularly practiced my skills and am now well knowleged in garement construction with skills such as draping, flat pattern cutting and using industrial sewing machines. Aswell as this I have digital skills such as using the Adobe suit and Lectra system to perfect patterns and visualise prints before construction. With a combination of teaching and travelling I have strong communication and negotiating skills dealing with testing situations where i’ve used my own inituative to come up with solutions.   

This job vacancy caught my eye immeditatly as the requirements seem challenging but constantly motivating and offereing new projects and opportunities. With the passion that I would bring I feel that it would benefit the compnay greatly and at the same time your company would give me the much needed skills for my future.

Yours sincerely

Abigail Reeves   

This letter to begin with was hard to write but once i got into it and actually read the requirements for my job application i found it fairly straight forward. I just had to keep reminding myself to apply myself as much as possible to the Junior Garment Technologist requirements.


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