Final CV

When I went back to my CV after the first session on it, I actually decided that i really didn’t like it. It didn’t look clean enough and i think the style just wouldn’t have looked right or suited my personal style. So i decided to start again.

This is my final CV completed, just with my personal information missing. I really like this layout. I know is similar to one that i took inspiration off of Pinterest but that was only the layout. Obviously everything actually on the CV is my own work. I really love the layout. I think it’s really professional and clean but adds a bit of colour and everything is clearly separated with the lines. Compared to my first CV, this is much better. This is ready, once i’ve added my contact details, for printing ready for the hand in. Looking through Pinterest really helped me decide on my layout and it took me a long time before I was happy with the way it look. I think that it should take time though. This document is the first thing my potential employer would read. I’m glad I took my time considering what layout and content to include and am very happy with the end result.



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