Starting Portfolio Pages

In the second half of our session on the 16th we were given the opportunity to start out portfolio pages with the aim that by the next session we have ten pages worth done that include work from both the Creative Realisation project and the Drawing and Application project. From looking at my work, i can see that i will probably have more work to present from my Creative Realisation project so i’ll produce 6 pages for this. I need to remember that when i’m putting the pages together i need to have an even amount for each project so that when it sits in my flip folder, it will tie in together and i will have no clashing pages. To begin with i used the Pinterest page put together Esther to give myself some inspiration as to where to position parts on a page and how empty space looks good and gives your work the chance to ‘breath’.

As well as this we were given the chance to look at multiple graduates portfolio’s. This was really useful as it gave me the chance to actually look at students work who are on the same course as me and i could get an idea of what is expected. It was interesting to see what different approaches I could take as to how to display my work. Some are more structured with lots of writing, while others take a more messy approach and convey their message through imagery.

I think my approach is more clean and structured with supportive writing. This could change through my other projects pages. It depends what work i decide is my best and want to put in my portfolio. By having Easter before my next session, i have plenty of time to think about my style and ensure my portfolio pages are the best they can be before being checked by Esther. Maybe if i have time i can start considering the pages for my other projects. Here is an example of my first portfolio page and supports my idea of having clean structured pages.

Portfolio Creative Realisation


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