CV Introduction

In today’s session the day is split into two. This morning I have had an introduction into producing a creative CV. I already have a CV from when i was younger but with the guidance i was given today, I am going to create a new one from scratch. From being given worksheets, there is a list of what i need to include. As a starting point I looked at Pinterest to see what others are doing for their CV’s and there were some really interesting pieces. The common theme with most of them were that they look very professional with matching business cards and covering letters. Tying it all in together brings even more of a professional feel to the potential employer.

From this i’ve now started to put my own together using Pinterest as inspiration and the worksheets as guidance. This needs to be finished as a draft in time for the next session. My personal statement was checked and the tutor liked it so i will use this in my CV. From the session today i have been able to understand the implications of what goes into my Curriculum Vitae and importance of what this document can stand for. Moo is a good website to draw inspiration from as well and could be a good company to refer back to when i want to create my own business cards. I should consider doing this with a covering letter and CV for the hand in for this project.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.54.16


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