Job Applications

In our session today we had the opportunity to research different jobs that our course could lead onto. By matching my talents to requirements of jobs, i was able to narrow down to the jobs that could be best suited to my interests. There are so many possible careers that could come from my degree and although i have a general idea that i want to go into a Garment Technologist, there are still so many avenues that i wasn’t aware of. Following this session i want to explore these grey areas so that i can get a better understanding of what is available to me and choose a job title that i can then angle my personal statement and cv towards. By doing this i can also see what skills i may be missing and how i can use my fashion degree to acquire these skill sets. Today i only had the chance to look on DrapersJobs website which had both recruitment agencies and direct employers. There are other websites that i want to have a look at such as: Hudson Walker, Artsthread and GFW. I also want to look at overseas jobs and not be restricted to Europe. A lot of the adverts on Drapers were not suitable for graduate level and majority were looking for someone that already had experience but found one that was the right level of salary for someone coming out of university with the chance to join without any experience. By looking at the ‘must haves’ of the candidate i was able to match some of my own strong talents to those that the recruitment agency were looking for on the application for example: showing knowledge of garment construction and showing the ability to influence and negotiate.

Recruitment Agency on     DrapersJobs

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