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Covering Letter

Dear Sir/Madam

I saw the advert on the drapers website for a junior garement technologist and this role is exactly what I have been looking to get a job in when i graduate from

university; giving me the opportunity to be a part of the construction side of fashion, and work with a experienced team from which I can gain my own experience and knowledge from.

Fashion has always been an interest for me, imparticular in the garement construction side. This is evident through my work, having the opportunity to construct men’s, women’s and children’s wear. This has given me a good understanding of proportion for all areas where I have then produced final pieces that trancend from 2D to 3D with amazing results.

I am a hard working ethusiastic person who thrives in a fast pace environment and deals well being under pressure. Through my personal interests and my degree I have regularly practiced my skills and am now well knowleged in garement construction with skills such as draping, flat pattern cutting and using industrial sewing machines. Aswell as this I have digital skills such as using the Adobe suit and Lectra system to perfect patterns and visualise prints before construction. With a combination of teaching and travelling I have strong communication and negotiating skills dealing with testing situations where i’ve used my own inituative to come up with solutions.   

This job vacancy caught my eye immeditatly as the requirements seem challenging but constantly motivating and offereing new projects and opportunities. With the passion that I would bring I feel that it would benefit the compnay greatly and at the same time your company would give me the much needed skills for my future.

Yours sincerely

Abigail Reeves   

This letter to begin with was hard to write but once i got into it and actually read the requirements for my job application i found it fairly straight forward. I just had to keep reminding myself to apply myself as much as possible to the Junior Garment Technologist requirements.


This is my final portfolio. It has the final pages for my specialism project as well as everything put together. I had my portfolio printed from palm print who gave me a really good price. I couldn’t find a portfolio that was landscape that flipped without ring binders so i just bought a portrait one as Esther said this wouldn’t affect our mark at all. I went to a printers as, although stated it wasn’t needed, i decided i wanted it printed professionally.

The White T’shirt Portfolio Pages

white shirt 4 white shirt 3 White Shirt 2 white Shirt 1

These are my white shirt project pages. These were really quick and easy to put together. I knew that i wanted a double page spread with photographs of my shirt and the other two were going to be of my sketchbook. They actually didn’t end up being my sketchbook in the end. I didn’t have much portfolio worthy work in sketchbook form from this project so i used my technical flats combined with my inspirational imagery to create a double page spread. When it came to photographing my shirt i took simple pictures of the important details but then i wanted to style my shirt as well which can be seen by the picture of the shoes and jeans added to my folded shirt. I think this gave my shirt a bit of context rather than just being hung on a hanger.

Digital Fashion Portfolio Pages

digi fashion 3 digi fashion Lectra 1 lectra 2 digi 6

These pages are for my digital fashion project. I’m happy with these pages because I thought this project was some of my more stronger work and it gave me the opportunity to show my Lectra work. I haven’t included the black lines on these pages as I wanted them to have a softer approach. I used the blue ribbon that was on my design manual that was handed in. This links in and supports my tiffany brand. Although this is not really needed in my portfolio it brings suitable linking through the pages. The layout of the Lectra is staggered and this sits well when the pages are put together. I need to add writing to the final page and add the printed t’shirts on a final page. I think b adding a explanation on each page it allows the reader to understand the work better. I try to keep the writing short so it does distract too much attention away from the work. Now these pages are done i can move onto my white t’shirt pages.

Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion is becoming more and more prominent and important to the consumers. To the extent where that some costumers may stop shopping at a brand due to their unethical values. Fast fashion is seen as an example where unethical fashion is practiced and it is constantly being scrutinised for this. Fast fashion is the quick turn around of collections and accessories that are made and sold cheaply that will go out of fashion within months of it being made. By doing this, brands encourage consumers to come back and binge buy for the sake of having the latest fashion. But some people would ask at what cost? In 2013, YouGov found that 74% of shoppers would happily pay 5% extra if it ensured that workers were paid fairly and working in safe conditions. This is a huge percentage but if this is the case then why are the likes of ‘Primark’ still doing so well. Even if these clothes are recycled into charity shops, the quality of the clothes are very low and are unlikely to be sold anyway, resulting in the clothes going to waste.

Safia Minney is the founder and CEO of people tree and has the idea that we need to look at what ethical fashion and what is isn’t rather than what it is. Looking at the immediate benefits it creates and by buying it, what your not supporting.

Ethics is another important factor. Child labour and unfair working conditions are an ongoing battle with major brands that adopt the just in time production method.

Overall ethical fashion isn’t seen as something unfashionable anymore. It’s becoming more popular and valued for consumers buying clothes. Soon brands are going to have to rethink who they angle themselves towards as the divide between ethical and unethical fashion becomes more prominent.

Creative Drawing and Application Portfolio Pages

Creative drawing.psd 2 creative drawing 2 creative drawing 3 creative drawing 4

These pages are my Creative Drawing and Application work. I really like these pages and i feel these are much stronger than the pages I created for Creative Realisation. I don’t know if this is because the work is stronger or the layout is. I really like the roughness of the drawing work added with small subtle pictures. I thought I was going to include a lot more of my magazine into my portfolio but i’ve actually only added one page. I think this works and i’ve chosen the work that best represents this project. The first two pages were created using my collage pages from my youth project combined with the silhouettes i created for designing in the future. Both have a rough feel to them but again with the boldness of the black lines surrounding the edges I think it really works and the use of negative space has really worked as well. I was a bit worried about adding some of my first drawings to my portfolio pages but looking at it now i think they’ve really worked and continues to tie in the pages so that the all interlink. Overall i’m really happy with these pages and hope my next portfolio pages (the white t’shirt) work just as well.

Creative Realisation Portfolio Pages

Portfolio Creative Realisation second page third page Creative realisation 5

These are my creative realisation pages for my portfolio. I found it difficult to put these pages together because this was the first project i did this year and I don’t feel that the work is as strong as I’d want it to be. But i pulled the best work from this project and put it together. I’ve still got one more page to do but it’s just going to be of my final line up from this unit. I liked the use of the black lines on the pages as it gives them a bit extra and breaks the pages up a bit. However I don’t think i’ll use it on all of my portfolio pages as some pages may have more work on them than others. Looking at other portfolio pages through my Pinterest was useful because it helped me understand the importance of layout and the use of negative space. I need to remember these things while designing my other portfolio pages. Following this I am now going to put together my Creative Drawing and Application pages. I’ll only put 4 pages together for this as i feel less work from this is portfolio worthy and this was what was guided by Esther.

Final CV

When I went back to my CV after the first session on it, I actually decided that i really didn’t like it. It didn’t look clean enough and i think the style just wouldn’t have looked right or suited my personal style. So i decided to start again.

This is my final CV completed, just with my personal information missing. I really like this layout. I know is similar to one that i took inspiration off of Pinterest but that was only the layout. Obviously everything actually on the CV is my own work. I really love the layout. I think it’s really professional and clean but adds a bit of colour and everything is clearly separated with the lines. Compared to my first CV, this is much better. This is ready, once i’ve added my contact details, for printing ready for the hand in. Looking through Pinterest really helped me decide on my layout and it took me a long time before I was happy with the way it look. I think that it should take time though. This document is the first thing my potential employer would read. I’m glad I took my time considering what layout and content to include and am very happy with the end result.


Starting Portfolio Pages

In the second half of our session on the 16th we were given the opportunity to start out portfolio pages with the aim that by the next session we have ten pages worth done that include work from both the Creative Realisation project and the Drawing and Application project. From looking at my work, i can see that i will probably have more work to present from my Creative Realisation project so i’ll produce 6 pages for this. I need to remember that when i’m putting the pages together i need to have an even amount for each project so that when it sits in my flip folder, it will tie in together and i will have no clashing pages. To begin with i used the Pinterest page put together Esther to give myself some inspiration as to where to position parts on a page and how empty space looks good and gives your work the chance to ‘breath’.

As well as this we were given the chance to look at multiple graduates portfolio’s. This was really useful as it gave me the chance to actually look at students work who are on the same course as me and i could get an idea of what is expected. It was interesting to see what different approaches I could take as to how to display my work. Some are more structured with lots of writing, while others take a more messy approach and convey their message through imagery.

I think my approach is more clean and structured with supportive writing. This could change through my other projects pages. It depends what work i decide is my best and want to put in my portfolio. By having Easter before my next session, i have plenty of time to think about my style and ensure my portfolio pages are the best they can be before being checked by Esther. Maybe if i have time i can start considering the pages for my other projects. Here is an example of my first portfolio page and supports my idea of having clean structured pages.

Portfolio Creative Realisation